Campbell Valley

Park Association (CVPA)

Project Description

Campbell Valley Park Association is a volunteer organization comprised of individuals and groups from the community, in and around Campbell Valley Regional Park. Through the Park Association, they can take a more active role in planning and managing the park, located in south Langley, BC.

Campbell Valley Park Association (CVPA) works to represent diverse partner groups and park neighbours in advising Metro Vancouver on key park issues and participating in park management planning. The purpose of CVPA is to promote appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of Campbell Valley Regional Park while preserving and enhancing its natural and historical features within the framework of the Campbell Valley Regional Park Management Plan.
In partnership with Metro Vancouver staff, the Park Association also:
• Encourages understanding and appreciation of the natural and historical features of Campbell Valley Regional Park through interpretive, educational and other informational programs.
• Promotes recreational activities that are compatible with the overall goal of safeguarding and enhancing the natural and historical features of the park.
• Provides input and develops site specific recommendations for the Campbell Valley Regional Park.

Campbell Valley Park Association (CVPA) – contact Jeff Rotin, Community Development Coordinator,

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