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Colony Farm Park Association (CFPA) works in partnership with Metro Vancouver Parks to manage Colony Farm Regional Park in a manner that respects the environment, the wishes of the general community and the principles of the area’s land use plan which recognizes wildlife values, passive recreation, and agriculture.

The CFPA is made up of a Volunteer Board of Directors and Members.

Special Acknowledgement:

The Colony Farm Park Association would like to acknowledge the generous donations provided by the following companies:  DS Tactical (Clearvu 10×50 Focus Free binoculars), Gentec International (Zeiss Terra 10×42 binoculars), Italian Sporting Goods (Burris Landmark 10×32 binoculars), London Drugs (Pentax AD 9×32 WP binoculars), and Nikon Canada Inc. (Nikon Travelite VI 8×25 binoculars).  Reliable Gun Vancouver also provided valuable support in our recent effort to acquire equipment to enhance visitors’ experience of wildlife in Colony Farm Regional Park.

Upcoming Events:

Birding for Beginners (Barcode 7258): Sunday April 8, 2018 9am to 11am – Click here to Register

Partners in the Park: Saturday May 12, 2018 1pm to 4pm

Lazuli Bunting Walk: Saturday June 2, 2018 9am to 11am

Stories Under the Stars: Saturday July 21st 7:30pm


Colony Farm Regional Park offers excellent bird viewing opportunities. Located along the Coquitlam River, the park contains a range of habitats important to wildlife, including resident, migrating and wintering species. Of particular importance is the large amount of old-field habitat.


Colony Farm Regional Park is located at the southern junction of the cities of Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam and is bisected by the Coquitlam River.


Colony Farm is in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

The Farm has a long history of being a valuable and productive food source, to both First Nations and subsequent European settlers. Work therapy for psychiatric and developmentally disabled persons was introduced by the Crown with the purchase of the farm in 1904 and continued until the facility was closed in 1982. During this period the Farm was distinguished by its prosperity and value to BC’s farm industry.

Today the Farm is valued for its natural assets, community gardens and passive recreation use.

 Contact Trina Sakata, Community Development Coordinator,

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